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A directory for OCD communities, advocates, and support groups

Fill out this google form to be added to the directory!
You can view the current “database” here.

Hi everyone! I’m still working on the basic setup of this website.
If you have any questions, feel free to email me at
You can apply to become an OCDvocate!

This is a very rudimentary example of a list of OCD advocates:

Name Website Twitter Instagram
Lily Bailey N/A @lilybaileyuk @lilybaileyuk
Aaron Harvey @nuyakcity @nuyakcity
Rose Cartwright @rosecartwright_ @rosecartwright__

I would like to organize a list of support groups as well!
And eventually, even more categorized listings of resources about OCD!
I’m still figuring out the web development aspect of this, but I promise the end result will look much better! If you can offer any advice on that front, please send me an e-mail! Logo for